Phuentshogling residents want dilapidated city buses to be replaced

With no intervention from the government to replace the old buses in Phuentshogling Thromde, the residents claim that the town is not receiving enough attention. Today, all four city buses in the town are old and worn out and in need of replacement. This has been causing inconveniences to the passengers. Phuentshogling Thromde has repeatedly written to the Bhutan Post and the government to replace the buses. But the thromde has yet to receive a response on the matter.

Broken seats, broken windows, and broken handles are very common in almost all the four city buses of the Phuentshogling Thromde. Taking a ride becomes no less than a nightmare when the rainwater leaks in.

The Phuentshogling Thromde received the four buses in 2008 which were second-hand.

The poor condition of the bus has not only caused considerable inconveniences to commuters but also created a bad impression among visitors.

“The bus is in a very bad condition and needs to be changed soon. At times, we don’t get a seat and we have to stand up but the bus does not have a proper handle. But the city buses of Thimphu have all the good facilities and services,” said Rinchen Dorji Tamang, a resident in Phuentshogling.

“When it rains, the water leaks into the bus from all sides. If there is a heavy downpour, I think all passengers inside will get drenched easily. The condition of the bus needs to be improved,” commented Subash Chand, a foreign worker in Phuentshogling.

“As the bus has become very old, it is not very comfortable for all of us. It becomes difficult with kids around. When it rains, rainwater easily gets inside the bus and at times we have to make our kids use umbrellas inside the bus. It would be very good if we get a new bus soon,” remarked Phurba Choden Sherpa, a resident.

“We feel neglected here. Looks like the residents of Phuentshogling are not considered humans. Phuentshogling is also a big town like Thimphu. All the good services and buses are made available only in Thimphu,” echoed Tshering Dorji, another resident.

The Thromde took over the management of city buses from Bhutan Post last year. And since then, the Thromde Office has written four times to the Bhutan Post and the Ministry of Information and Communications about the need to add more buses to the existing fleet.

The Phuentshogling Thompon said the town might no longer have public transport service.

Uttar Kumar Rai, Phuentshogling Thrompon

“From March 4 next year, the lifespan of the bus will be over and it will no longer be fit to be used as a public transport. As per the RSTA rules and regulations, the lifespan of the buses had expired two years ago. But the buses got two more years of extension as it was not used during the COVID time. As such, if we don’t get new buses, I fear that there will not be city bus services in Phuentshogling in the future,” said Uttar Kumar Rai, Phuentshogling Thrompon.

As per the Road Safety and Transport Authority’s Rules and Regulations, the average lifespan of buses on the road is about 12 years.

Today, the buses ply between Phuentshogling town, Pasakha, Kabreytar, and Pekarzhing for both the general public and students.

According to the City Bus Office in Phuentshogling, the town will need at least eight city buses or more to provide reliable, efficient, and comfortable services to its commuters.

On average over 200 people use the public transport service in Phuentshogling every day.

Passang Dorji, Phuentshogling

Edited by Sonam Pem & Phub Gyem

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