Portable toilet service for patients in Haa

For patients who are confined to bed and have limited mobility due to illness, disability, accident or old age, the distance from the bed to the toilet can be daunting. But portable toilets can come to their rescue. Led by a Civil Society Organisation called Bhutan Toilet Organisation, a resort owner in Paro donated 24 portable toilets to the District Health Office in Haa recently.

The toilets in Haa district hospital are well maintained and clean. However, one must walk a few meters from the ward to reach the toilet. But portable toilets can be moved wherever the user wants to be.

“I have to accompany the patient to the toilet every time. But with such portable toilets, it would be very convenient as we don’t have to carry the patient to the toilet,” said Denkar, a patient attendant.

“I saw one of my friends using such a portable toilet when her mother was sick. I found it convenient and clean also,” said Yangzom, another patient attendant.

“The toilets in the hospital are convenient because we need not go outside. But when patients are seriously sick and cannot move, carrying them to the toilet and bringing them back to bed is inconvenient. Patients may not even need an attendant with a portable toilet. It’s convenient for both the patient and the attendant,” said Tshering Dorji, patient attendant.

The Bhutan Toilet Organisation plans to take portable toilets to the primary health care centres where access to such a facility is limited.

“We got the idea from one of the health workers in Chhukha. In one of the surveys done by SNV, it was found that especially in the primary health care centres, toilets are not conveniently located especially for the sick. So, we are looking at what we can do. So, we approached the owner of the Metta Resort and Spa owner for help,” said Chablop Passu, the Executive Director of Bhutan Toilet.

Tshering Tobgay, who runs a resort in Paro committed to helping with additional bedside, disable friendly and portable toilets.

Namgay Wangchuk, Haa

Edited by Sonam Pem

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