Public toilet at Damphu’s vegetable market, an eyesore to residents- Tsirang


Residents at Damphu town in Tsirang are not happy with the condition of the public toilet at the Sunday vegetable market. The toilets are untidy and have become an eyesore. People want the facility cleaned and renovated at the earliest.

The toilets are in dire condition. Some have remained locked, serving no purpose. Some of the facilities have become completely dysfunctional.

Besides, the place is filled with foul smell and its floors are untidy. Some people now defecate in the open beside the toilets. This unhygienic practice has welcomed dogs posing risk to people using the facility. Today, people have to pay Nu 5 every time they use the facility.

“The toilet is very filthy. We are not pleased with the condition of the toilet. People have thrown and dumped what not inside the toilet,“ said Tshering Dorji Tamang, a vegetable vendor at Damphu town.

“Putting some dustbins around the toilet could help in keeping the toilet clean. The sweeper should also take a role in making the toilet usable since he is getting paid. There is a risk of a disease outbreak from the facility,” Jigme Yangzom, another vegetable vendor said.

On the other hand, the sweeper blames toilet users for rendering the toilet barely usable. He said, despite several requests, people still use sticks and leaves to clean themselves.

“It is very difficult for me to keep the toilets clean because people keep throwing sticks and debris in the toilet pot no matter how much I clean them. I even have to pick used sanitary pads,” said Dil Bahadur, the sweeper.

The municipal engineer said that the municipal office will ask the cleaner to keep the toilet in better condition hereafter. He also said that a renovation will be carried out when a budget becomes available.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang           

Edited by Kipchu

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