Recently concluded Nganglam Dungkhag tshechu revives use of Phob Toray

For Bhutanese now, ceramic or melamine plates and mugs are a go-to utensil during meals. Using phob and toray, an age-old tradition is almost forgotten. At the recently concluded Nganglam tshechu in Pema Gatshel, monks and officials were served breakfast and the tshechu organisers made sure they brought phob toray

During the second day of the tshechu this past week, monks and officials brought their own Phob Toray.

The move was initiated by the Nganglam Dungkhag Administration and the Pekar Choling Yenlag Rabdey to revive the tradition of using phob toray.

“Nganglam is a border town. And we all know how culture is important here. So, we decided to implement it during our Tshechu. If we don’t practice this tradition, we may lose it in the future,” said Lam Penjor Tshering from the Pekar Choling Yenlag Rabdey.

“We can put it in our pocket and carry it comfortably. This precious tradition was handed over successfully to us by our parents. So, we should also show examples to the younger generation and pass it on to them,” said Kinzang Rabten, Chhoekhorling Gup.

The use of phob toray will be continued during the annual tshechu from here on. Hundreds of devotees gathered to witness the tshechu and received blessings.

Tungngam, Tsholing, Tshechu Ging, Raksha Mangcham, and other folk dances were performed during the tshechu.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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