Residents looking forward for driving training institute in Tsirang

Without a driving training institute, learning to drive has become a challenge for aspiring drivers in Tsirang. The district’s lone institute was suspended in October last year for not meeting the minimum 30-decimal land requirement for the driving training field or ‘L Box’. Today, residents in the district visit the nearby districts to avail themselves of driving training.

21-year-old Dorji Khandu is learning to drive from one of his relatives. They spend at least an hour as Dorji’s driving test is scheduled for next week.

“Currently, I am on vacation and learning to drive. But without a driving training institute in Tsirang, I have to depend on my relatives and friends to learn the skill. Moreover, getting an introductory course certificate is difficult since we have to visit either Gelephu or Wangdue Phodrang to get one,” said Dorji Khandu.

A few other aspiring drivers shared the same view.

“I stay here in Tsirang and had the plan to learn to drive. But I couldn’t avail the service this time due to the lack of a driving training institute in the district. So, I am hopeful of learning to drive next time,” said Kinley Wangdi.

The proprietor of the driving institute said they recently acquired a 50-decimal land located near Damphu town. He said the institute will resume in three to four months after developing the driving training field.

“Earlier, even small ground was okay for driving training field. But the new rule mandates a minimum of 30 decimal of land. Since then we have been looking for land and we found one. Currently, we are in the process of negotiating with the owner,” said Ugyen Singye, the Proprietor of the institute.

He added that the driving institute has been conducting introductory courses on a need basis deploying manpower from its nearby driving training schools.

Pema Tshewang, Tsirang

Edited by Sonam Pem

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