Second phase of Million Fruit Tree Plantation project to be launched in February, 2023

Following the success of the first Million Fruit Tree Plantation project, the second phase of the project is expected to be launched in February. The initiative this time will focus on a lesser number of fruit seeds but it will be ones that generate more revenue. The Million Fruit Tree Plantation project is a joint initiative of the Desuung National Service and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock that aims to enhance the livelihood of rural communities.

The first  Million Fruit Tree Plantation project was launched in March of last year. Fruit seeds of 22 different varieties were planted across the country. It was done within two and a half months.

The project this time will have 11 high-value fruit crops such as almonds, avocados, pecan nuts and kiwis.

And just like last time, about two thousand Desuups will take part in the plantations this time as well.

“It will help generate revenue for the people and the country. Secondly, we aim to develop friendship between the villagers and Desuups when they work together. Thirdly, growing such fruits will also help in food nutrition,” said Sangay Dendup, the Deputy Chief Horticulture Officer of the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

He added that the project will also segregate the plants and distribute only the healthy ones. This he said is one of the experiences from the earlier project which resulted in the mortality of more than 30 per cent of the total plants.

“In the second phase, the National Seed Centre in Paro will sort out the saplings before we distribute them to villagers. From here on, we have plans to distribute healthy fruit tree saplings,” said the Deputy Chief Horticulture Officer.

He added the project will also replace the trees from the first phase that did not survive. The trees are expected to bear fruit within four to five years.

Karma Wangdi

Edited by Yeshi Gyaltshen

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