Water pump project brings hope to Chhimung residents

Residents of Chhimung chiwog under Chhimung Gewog in Pema Gatshel district have been grappling with acute drinking water shortage for ages now. However, they are pinning hopes on the water pump project to put an end to the water issue. The project is expected to complete this winter.  

The water source is located more than a kilometre below the settlements. The gewog administration started the water pump project a year ago through the Climate Resilience and Transformation Change Project of the agriculture ministry.

But due to inadequate funds to procure the materials and the pandemic, works were stalled for a few months. However, work was resumed by the end of last year.

So far, the progress has been good. The fitting of the pipes from the water till the reservoir was completed a couple of days back.

The gewog has already procured a water pump machine and requested for additional budget from the district administration to purchase other required materials.

Now, all that residents are waiting for is for the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) to install electric lines near the water source.

“We are hoping the electricity lines will be connected very soon. As we depend on farming, water is very important for us. So, we are hoping we will have continuous water supply soon,” says one of the residents, Cheki Wangchuk.

His neighbours like Karma Duba are looking forward to getting adequate drinking water this chilly season.

“Winter is just around the corner, and we will face a shortage of drinking water during that time. Our pipe fitting works are almost complete now. We are hoping the construction of electric lines starts soon to solve the water shortage.”

According to the gewog office, the BPC will soon be awarding the works.

“Gewog administration has approached the BPC office. So, we have been told that BPC will be awarding the works in three phases. They say works won’t take time as the site is suitable to carry out the works,” updates the Chhimung Gup, Yeshi Wangdi.

The Electricity Service Division office of BPC in Pema Gatshel said they have procured all the materials and hoping to install a transformer near the water source this November. The pipe distribution works within the villages will be done after the harvest season.

More than 70 households in the chiwog are expected to receive uninterrupted and adequate drinking water supply this winter.

The estimated cost of the water pump project is more than Nu 4 M. Hopefully, this solution maintains its sustainability so that the village does not face dire water shortage in all times to come.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Pema Lhaden

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