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Domestic violence cases rise in Ukraine amid war

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, registered domestic violence cases initially declined as people fled the conflict. However, upon returning or resettling, cases surged this year, increasing by 51% compared to the same 2022 period. Read the full story.

German agri firm to continue business with Russia amid grain row

German agricultural firm CLAAS has said it will continue conducting business with Russia, supplying the country with combine harvesters despite the suspension of a grain deal. Read the full story.

4th-century Roman ship uncovered by Serbian coal miners

Miners in Serbia unearthed an ancient Roman ship’s wooden remains while excavating a large opencast coal quarry. This is the second such discovery in the region since 2020. Read the full story.

S&P Global Projects $6.7 Trillion Indian Economy by the year 2031

S&P Global on Thursday projected the Indian economy to grow by an average annual rate of 6.7% to March 2031, driven by manufacturing and services exports and consumer demand. Read the full story.

Dream come true: Deaf boy as S Africa makes sign language official

A deaf male student hailed South Africa’s move to recognise sign language as the country’s 12th official language, stating that the move will make his “dreams come true”. Read the full story.

Attacks on civilians, sexual violence rose in Sudan: Report

As per Amnesty International, war crimes in Sudan increased during violent clashes between the army and the main paramilitary group. civilians have been killed or injured, with deliberate attacks on neighbourhoods, hospitals, and churches. Read the full report.

Nigerian men rescued after 14 days on ship rudder off Brazil coast

Four Nigerian men who had hoped to stowaway to Europe were rescued by Brazilian police after surviving 14 days on the rudder of a ship. The men had run out of food and drink on their 10th day but survived by drinking seawater. Read the full story.

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