Here are the Top 5 world news from around the world, brought to you by The Bhutan Live.

France Riots: Violence Subsides after 5th Night

Riots in France have subsided after 5 nights of unrest, but tensions remain high. The riots were sparked by the police shooting of a teenager of North African descent.

Israel Strikes Syria After Air Defense Missile Fired

Israel has struck Syria after a Syrian air defense missile was fired at an Israeli aircraft. The Israeli aircraft was on a routine patrol over the Golan Heights.

China’s Economy Slows to 0.4% Growth in Q1 2023

The country’s property market continued to slump and the government’s crackdown on tech giants weighed on growth.

US Supreme Court Bans Use of Race in Uni Admissions

The US Supreme Court has banned the use of race in university admissions. The is a major victory for groups who have argued that affirmative action is unconstitutional.

King Charles To Meet Biden At Windsor Castle

The White House said Biden would travel to Europe later this month for meetings in Britain, Lithuania, and Finland.

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