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Mont Blanc Loses Snows The Size Of An Olympic Pool In 2 Years

Experts said that France’s tallest mountain was losing around 13 centimetres of height every year.

“American Dream To American Nightmare”: Migrant Crisis Hits New York

The ‘American dream’ has triggered a big crisis in New York. The quest for a better life and more opportunities has thousands of immigrants moving to the Big Apple. But at what cost?

Anti-Doping Agency Warns Olympic Council Over N Korea Flag at Asian Games in China

The World Anti-Doping Agency warned the Olympic Council of Asia of “consequences” on Friday for allowing the North Korean flag to be repeatedly flown at the Asian Games, saying they were treating it “extremely seriously”.

Angry Canadian Citizen Confronts Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being confronted by an angry citizen while engaging with supporters has surfaced online. Canada is currently going through a difficult economic period and housing crisis.

Rishi Sunak’s Political Makeover Includes Leaning Into His Indian Heritage

Perhaps never before has Britain’s South Asian diaspora enjoyed such prominence on the country’s biggest political stage.

Tens Of Millions Of Children Uprooted By Climate Disasters: UNICEF

Weather disasters fueled by climate change — from floods to droughts, storms to wildfires — sparked 43.1 million child displacements from 2016 to 2021, the UN Children’s Fund warned Thursday.

Putin Calls Canada’s Ex-Parliament Speaker “Idiot” For Praising Nazi Veteran

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called Canada’s former parliament speaker an “idiot” after the legislature celebrated a Ukrainian World War II veteran who had fought alongside the Nazis.

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