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India gears up to host G20 Summit; World leaders start arriving in New Delhi

As the world awaits the climax of the 18th G20 Leaders Summit, scheduled to begin on Saturday, world leaders have started arriving in the Indian capital to deliberate on a host of economic and developmental issues. Read more.

Hitch In Climate Change Talks At G20 As China, Saudi Harden Stance

With just hours left for the G20 Summit to begin, climate change is already turning to be a contentious point among the leaders, sources said. Read more.

“Monitoring Carefully”: US On China Facing Economic Challenges

Many are worried about the Asian giant’s struggles, with the threat of recession in Europe and high inflation in many major economies contributing to a plunge in demand for Chinese goods. Read more.

After G20 Summit In India, US President Joe Biden To Visit Vietnam

The underlying goal will be much the same as during Biden’s time at the G20 summit in New Delhi this week — to shore up support against China’s growing influence. Read more.

North Korea Launches Its First “Tactical Nuclear Attack Submarine”

For a decade until 2018, China sought to recruit elite foreign-trained scientists under a lavishly funded program that Washington viewed as a threat to U.S. interests and technological supremacy. Read more.

“Mount Fuji Is Screaming”: Japan Pilgrimage Site Is Flooded With Visitors

Authorities say the number of hikers trekking up the world-famous volcano — night and day — is dangerous and an ecological embarrassment. Read more.

India In Talks With US, Saudi Arabia On Rail, Port Deal: Report

The project is expected to connect Arab countries in the Levant and the Gulf via a network of railways that will also connect to India through seaports in the Gulf, sources said. Read more.

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