Dho Namkhai Kaw Welcomes Pilgrims with Enhanced Amenities

Nestled amidst the breathtaking forests of Karna Gewog in Dagana, the revered Dho Namkhai Kaw, also known as the Sky Pillar Rock, now offers improved public amenities to its devoted visitors. The Dagana Forest Division has undertaken a commendable initiative to repair the footpath and construct essential facilities, such as toilets, water supply, and canopies, aiming to enhance the pilgrimage experience at this sacred site, which holds profound spiritual significance for many.

To reach the sacred Dho Namkhai Kaw, one must embark on a ten-minute drive from Nindhukha Zhabdrung Densa in Karna Gewog, followed by a pleasant 40-minute stroll through the enchanting dense forest.

According to ancient legend, this magnificent rock is believed to have miraculously flown from Bodhgaya in India and is said to enshrine thousands of Buddha relics within its sacred confines.

Standing tall at approximately 20 meters, the monolithic rock faces east, overlooking Daga Dzong, aligning perfectly with the height of the central pillar, known as the Utse of the dzong.

“It is believed that the fortunate ones may hear celestial chants emanating from the rock during auspicious days. Some even claim to hear devotees serving meals and tea deep within its mysterious depths. However, such divine experiences are believed to be reserved for the chosen few, as ordinary individuals like us are unable to witness them,” shared Kado, a resident of Karna Gewog.

The sanctity of this rock rivals that of the Vajra Seat or Dorji-dhen in India, drawing an increasing number of devotees to this pilgrimage site in recent years. The local community recognizes its remarkable powers.

“When prayers are offered, the rock has bestowed the valley with timely rainfall during periods of drought or halted excessive rainfall when the district was overwhelmed. Couples seeking the blessing of a child also turn to this stone pillar for support and hope,” added Kado.

Dorji Yangzom, a devoted visitor, expressed her joy and gratitude after visiting the sacred site, stating, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the pilgrimage at this remarkable site. While many devotees may have already visited, I highly recommend it to those who have yet to embark on this spiritual journey. The safe footpath and ongoing development of additional facilities make it an ideal destination for seekers of spiritual enlightenment.”

Recognizing the surge in visitors to Dho Namkhai Kaw, the Dagana Forest Division took the proactive step of providing essential public amenities. This noteworthy project, with a total worth of Nu 1.75 million, is not only expected to enhance the pilgrimage experience but also create sustainable rural livelihoods.

The project was initiated with generous funding from the German Government through the International Climate Initiative.

As the construction progresses and devotees continue to flock to this awe-inspiring location, Dho Namkhai Kaw stands poised to offer an enriched pilgrimage experience, where seekers of spiritual solace can find solace and enlightenment.

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