Historic Consecration of Denchencholing Densa in Nyisho Gewog

In a momentous occasion that marks a significant chapter in the spiritual history of Wangdue Phodrang’s Nyisho Gewog, His Holiness the Je Khenpo graced and consecrated the newly-built Lhakhang, Denchencholing Densa, situated at Gangjab. This monumental event saw thousands of devout followers converge at the venue, their faith and devotion palpable in the air.

Denchencholing Densa, an architectural marvel, stands as a testament to the dedication and faith of the local community. Built at a whopping cost of 40 million ngultrum, the financial and moral support of Khenpo Penjor, a native of the village, was instrumental in bringing this dream to fruition.

Until now, the chiwog did not boast of a monastery. The absence of such a pivotal spiritual center was deeply felt by the local community. Thus, the construction of Denchencholing Densa not only fills this void but also serves as a beacon of hope, faith, and spirituality.

Initiated in 2019, the construction of this Lhakhang was inspired by a profound recommendation from the late Je Khenpo Jetsun Tenzin Dhoendup. Recollecting the significance of this guidance, Khenpo Penjor commented, “The Lhakhang is an embodiment of His Holiness the late Je Khenpo Jetsun Tenzin Dhoendup’s aspiration for the chiwog.” He further emphasized the magnitude of the consecration ceremony, saying, “For it to be consecrated by His Holiness the Je Khenpo is a blessing that is truly unmatched because the lama who administers the consecration has to be someone highly revered. So we couldn’t ask for anyone better.”

The consecration ceremony, attended by thousands, not only sanctified the monastery but also reaffirmed the profound respect and veneration the community holds for His Holiness the Je Khenpo. It is a historic day that will be cherished and remembered by generations to come.

Denchencholing Densa stands not just as a building, but as a living testament to the unwavering faith of a community, the benevolence of its sponsors, and the profound guidance of revered spiritual leaders. As it opens its doors to the public, it promises to be a sanctuary of peace, devotion, and spiritual growth for all.

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