Tribute to Buddha’s Life Welcomes Delegates to India’s MotoGP Bharat Grand Prix

As the excitement builds for the upcoming MotoGP Bharat Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit from September 22 to 24, an awe-inspiring artistic endeavor awaits attendees on the serene campus of Gautam Buddha University. A group of 12 talented artists, primarily comprised of undergraduate students from the university’s Faculty of Fine Arts, has embarked on a remarkable project to depict the life of the Buddha through a stunning art installation.

Gautam Buddha University, nestled in the Gautam Buddha Nagar District, derives its name from Siddhartha Gautama, who later became the Buddha. Established in 2002 on a sprawling 207-hectare campus, the university champions the profound teachings of Buddhism, emphasizing their role in fostering peace, harmonious coexistence, and holistic development.

The artists behind this exceptional endeavor express their joy at the prospect of showcasing their work to an international audience during the MotoGP Bharat Grand Prix. Their ambitious project comprises three grand artworks, each measuring an impressive 3.6 meters by 2.7 meters. These artworks are dedicated to representing the three pivotal phases of Buddha’s life – his birth and early years as Prince Siddhartha, the era of enlightenment, and his journey from achieving Nirvana to his ultimate passing.

Anchal Bohra, the secretary of the Handloom and Handicraft Export Association, who is closely collaborating with the artists and the MotoGP team, revealed, “The exhibition will also feature the Mara Vijay theme, which finds its origins in the Ajanta Caves of Aurangabad.”

Lead artist Tapash Jana provided insight into their creative process, explaining that the installations are constructed using thermocol, a type of polystyrene. The material is meticulously cut into blocks, joined together, supported by wooden structures, and then painted to bring out a sense of realism.

Jana further elaborated that the artists faced the extraordinary challenge of completing a project that typically demands four months in just two weeks. Despite the tight schedule, they enthusiastically embraced this endeavor as both a challenge and a source of inspiration.

“The project is demanding, but we are thoroughly enjoying the experience,” commented artist Alok, who emphasized the tremendous opportunity this represents for the group of artists.

Supporting the artists in their creative journey is a team of local talents, including Deepshani. She had initially enrolled in an undergraduate fine arts program but faced financial constraints that prevented her from completing her studies. Deepshani expressed her eagerness to present her art to an international audience, considering the MotoGP project the grandest canvas she could hope for.

Dhirendra Singh, a Legislative Assembly member, pointed out the resonance between the recently concluded G20 summit’s motto in India, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” and the life and teachings of Buddha. He emphasized the importance of introducing visitors to the rich tapestry of Indian art, culture, and tradition.

As delegates and racing enthusiasts gather for the thrilling MotoGP Bharat Grand Prix, they are set to be greeted not only by the roar of engines but also by a moving artistic tribute to the life of the Buddha, underscoring the profound values of peace and unity that resonate in this magnificent installation on the grounds of Gautam Buddha University.

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