Bhutan Olympic Committee Honored with Druk Thuksey for Sports Excellence

In a glittering ceremony held yesterday, the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) was bestowed with the prestigious Druk Thuksey award in recognition of its unwavering commitment to promoting sports and fostering the exceptional talents of Bhutanese athletes on the global stage.

Established in 1983, the BOC has been a cornerstone in the development of sports excellence and widespread participation in Bhutan. Its journey began with the formal succession of the National Sports Association of Bhutan, and the committee swiftly garnered international acclaim from the International Olympic Committee later that same year.

Guided by a visionary motto, “Excellence through Sports for All,” the BOC has steadfastly pursued a mission to establish a representative and organized sports system that provides recreational opportunities for all citizens. The committee operates under a comprehensive 20-year strategic plan, outlining objectives in sports governance, human resource development, infrastructure, financial sustainability, media, sports for all, and strategic partnerships.

Affiliation with the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia has elevated the BOC’s status, and under the astute leadership of HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, the committee oversees 16 National Sports Federations, five Sports Associations, and 15 District Sports Associations. This extensive network contributes significantly to the development and promotion of sports throughout Bhutan.

During the award ceremony, the President of the BOC, HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, graciously accepted the Druk Thuksey on behalf of the committee, highlighting the collective efforts that have propelled Bhutanese sports onto the international stage.

A testament to the committee’s success, between 2018 and 2023, 138 national athletes participated in various international competitions, bringing home an impressive tally of 69 medals. These achievements underscore the effectiveness of the BOC’s strategic planning and commitment to nurturing athletic talent from the grassroots level to international prominence.

As Bhutan continues to make its mark in the global sporting arena, the Druk Thuksey awarded to the Bhutan Olympic Committee serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging continued dedication to the pursuit of excellence through sports.

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