Bhutan’s Rising Star, Tshendra Dorji, Gears Up for 19th Asian Games Golf Championship

As the anticipation for the 19th Asian Games in China mounts, Bhutan prepares to leave its mark on the golf greens. Tshendra Dorji, a prodigy from the Bhutan Golf Federation, is the nation’s torchbearer this year.

A regular at both the Royal Thimphu and Drakpoi Golf Courses, Dorji has been diligently perfecting his swings and strategies ahead of this prestigious event. His journey with golf, which began as a young child, has now come full circle as he readies himself to rub shoulders with Asia’s best golfers.

His golfing credentials are impressive. With three titles from the Bhutan Open Championship under his belt and having represented Bhutan on three international platforms, Dorji is no stranger to the pressures of a grand event. His stellar performance in the 2023 Bhutan Open Championship earned him the honor of representing his nation at the Asian Games.

In a move to bolster his preparations, the Bhutan Olympic Committee, in collaboration with BGF, has arranged an intensive two-week training camp for him in Kolkata, India. This initiative aims to expose him to diverse playing conditions and enhance his competitive acumen.

Interestingly, Dorji’s tryst with golf began back in 2000, and his journey from a caddy to a competitive player is nothing short of inspirational. Drawing motivation from golf legends like Tiger Woods, Dorji’s goal is clear: to clinch a medal for Bhutan. With professionals and amateurs both eligible to compete this year, the challenge is higher, and so are the stakes.

Dorji conveyed his heartfelt gratitude towards the members and patrons of the Royal Thimphu and Drakpoi Golf Clubs for their constant financial backing and faith in his potential.

It’s worth noting that Bhutan’s debut in the Asian Games’ golf category was in 1986 in South Korea. Subsequent representations were in 2014, also in South Korea, and in 2018 in Indonesia. With a rich legacy and a passionate player like Dorji, Bhutan looks poised for success at the upcoming games.

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