Dagana prepares for 116th National Day with inclusive marathon for all age groups

To promote public health and involve people of all ages, the Dagana District Administration organised a marathon as a prelude to the 116th National Day. The event took place yesterday, with participants ranging from young to 70 years old.

The oldest participant, 70-year-old Rinzin Lhendup, a retired mask dancer from Tseza Gewog, took part in the run.

The race for participants in Rinzin’s age group began at Dhara Chorten, approximately five kilometres from Daga Dzong.

Despite the uphill track, Rinzin persevered at his own pace and completed the run.

He said, “I initially expected more elderly participants since the run is only three kilometres. However, I ended up being the oldest participant in the male category, placed in the 56 years and above category. Despite this, I gave my best effort and managed to finish in the 9th position.”

Rinzin shared his contentment in participating in the event and highlighted the significance of such gatherings for the community.

“Having an annual celebration like this may not be accessible to everyone, but for those who can participate, it’s crucial. Primarily, it’s for the country, and secondly, it’s beneficial for our health,” he added.

Likewise, 64-year-old Tshering Zam held the title of the eldest female participant.

She said, “it is beneficial for our health and also it is a symbol of my prayers to fulfil our monarch’s wishes.”

Furthermore, due to her health condition, Tshering said that her partner consistently encourages her to engage in running.

56-year-old Kencho Wangdi secured the first position in the elderly category, completing the run in 35 minutes.

“I joined the event to assess my overall health. After participating, I feel like I am in good condition. Without participating, we cannot gauge how our body is functioning and assess our health status,” said Kencho Wangdi.

Deputy Chief District Health Officer, Dorji Wangchuk said, “the purpose of organising this marathon is to prepare for and celebrate the 116th National Day. Additionally, it aims to promote the well-being of both the body and mind, fostering overall health among the participants.”

Six categories were created to encompass all age groups.

The prizes for winners and participation certificates will be presented at the National Day celebration in the district.

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