“Gymnastics for All” to promote gymnastics in the country

Being physically active improves one’s fitness, brain development and reduces the risk of diseases. While people do Zumba and go to gyms, not many are aware of gymnastics. To promote gymnastics in the country, the Bhutan Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Japan Gymnastics Association conducted a three-day “Gymnastics for All” programme in Thimphu recently. 

Gymnastics is a physical sport which requires balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

According to the vice president of the Japan Gymnastics Association, through this programme, people will be able to stay fit.

“Bhutanese are interested in health for everyone. But what is healthy exercise? The interesting part they don’t know. The “Gymnastics for All” programme is directed to health because health is important not only for elderly people but also for young people,” said Araki Tatsuo, the vice president of the Japan Gymnastics Association.

Besides physical fitness, the country can represent at the international level and get training and coaches.

But the country needs three gymnastics clubs affiliated with the BOC. Currently, there are only two gymnastics clubs in the country.

“After doing the “Gymnastics for All” programme, we are planning to form another club called the Gymnastics for All. After forming the club, then we will have three gymnastics clubs and start the process of being affiliated with the International Gymnastics Federation. Once we get affiliated, the federation can help us with coaches and introduce gymnastics for all programmes not only in schools but also elderlies,” said Sonam Tshewang, the programme coordinator of Gymnastics for All.

“Gymnastics for All” can help people of all ages, from youth and the old. It has many benefits such as staying healthy and gymnastics itself is a very fun sport to play and it also helps with many different things such as collaboration and teamwork,” said Tenzin Dhendup, a participant.

Over 300 people participated in the programme.

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