RTC Women’s FC crowned Bhutan Women’s National League 2023 champion

The RTC Women’s FC was officially presented with the Bhutan Women’s National League 2023 trophy today. This is their first title after the club was formed in 2022. They were confirmed as the league winners after their 3-2 win against Gelephu Academy Girls on Wednesday. The champions ended the season on 31 points with 10 wins, one draw and four losses.

In a dazzling celebration of skill and determination, the RTC Women’s FC claimed their inaugural title in the Bhutan Women’s National League 2023, showcasing a remarkable journey since their establishment in 2022. The triumphant moment unfolded today as the team was formally awarded the coveted trophy following their outstanding performance throughout the season.

The crowning glory for RTC Women’s FC came after a nail-biting 3-2 victory against Gelephu Academy Girls on Wednesday, solidifying their position as the undisputed champions of the league. The thrilling encounter kept fans on the edge of their seats as RTC Women’s FC displayed tenacity and prowess to secure their historic win.

Finishing the season with an impressive 31 points, RTC Women’s FC notched up 10 wins, a single draw, and faced four losses, highlighting their consistency and resilience on the field. The team’s journey to the title was marked by a series of stellar performances, demonstrating the dedication and hard work invested by the players and coaching staff.

The elation among the players and fans was palpable during the trophy presentation ceremony, as the team captain hoisted the glittering Bhutan Women’s National League 2023 trophy, symbolizing their well-deserved triumph. The achievement holds particular significance for RTC Women’s FC as it marks their maiden title in the league, setting the stage for future successes.

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