Shuttlers Anish and Jimba Gear Up for Asian Games Glory

In an exciting development for the Bhutanese Badminton Federation (BBF), the nation is gearing up to make its debut at the much-anticipated Asian Games (AG) later this year in China. The national shuttlers, Anish Gurung and Jimba Sangay Lhendup, are currently intensifying their preparation for the prestigious event through rigorous training in Thailand.

For almost a year now, Anish and Jimba have dedicated themselves to honing their skills and improving their game in the vibrant badminton scene of Thailand. The AG debut is not only a moment of pride for these talented athletes but also a remarkable opportunity for them to gain invaluable exposure and learn from some of the finest athletes across Asia.

Anish Gurung, a 23-year-old from Samtse, joined the BBF in 2017 and has shown remarkable dedication and determination in his badminton journey. Fully aware of the challenges ahead, Anish acknowledges that competing against world-class athletes at the AG will be no easy feat. However, he remains optimistic, stating, “I’ll give it my all and strive to do my best.”

Having completed his graduation from the esteemed Gedu College of Business Studies in July of the previous year, Anish’s talent and potential caught the attention of the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) and the BBF, which led to his international training.

Anish expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, emphasizing that Bhutanese badminton players rarely get a chance to participate in such mega tournaments. With five international tournaments under his belt, he feels well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead at the AG.

Jimba Sangay Lhendup, a 21-year-old from Lhuentse, is another promising talent representing Bhutan on the international stage. He achieved the notable feat of securing a bronze medal at the 2019 Maldives Badminton Championship and also participated in the 2018 international competition held in Bangladesh.

Jimba, who has been part of the BBF for five years, spoke about the ongoing training that has significantly enhanced his techniques and exposed him to various playing styles. The experience has instilled in him confidence and a belief in his ability to perform at the highest level.

Despite their dedication and enthusiasm, Anish and Jimba encountered a language barrier during their training in Thailand. However, they have not allowed it to deter their spirits, proving their resilience and determination to excel in the sport they love.

As the Asian Games draw nearer, the entire nation of Bhutan eagerly anticipates the performance of these talented shuttlers. Their journey to the AG is not just about participating in a prestigious sporting event; it symbolizes the passion, dedication, and potential of Bhutanese athletes on the global stage.

With Bhutan making its mark in the world of badminton, the nation’s supporters are eager to see Anish and Jimba shine bright and make history at the Asian Games. Their success will undoubtedly inspire future generations of Bhutanese athletes to dream big and reach for the stars.

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