Silver jubilee archery final extends to third day

The atmosphere at Changlimithang archery range remains charged as the final match of the Coronation Silver Jubilee National Archery Tournament enters its third and decisive day. Team Tshering Dang Jigs and Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa are locked in a fierce battle that has captivated spectators and enthusiasts alike.

After two days of intense competition, Tshering Dang Jigs holds a slim lead over Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa, with the score standing at 18-11 in favor of Tshering Dang Jigs in this 25-point set format. The match, which seemed heavily in favor of Tshering Dang Jigs early on with a commanding 12-0 lead yesterday afternoon, saw a spirited comeback attempt by Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa towards the end of the day.

Organized by the Bhutan Indigenous Games and Sports Association (BIGSA), the tournament has showcased the skill and precision of Bhutan’s archers in a unique compound archery format, where hitting the target consistently is crucial. The competition has been marked by strategic brilliance and nerves of steel, making every arrow count in the quest for victory.

Safety has been paramount throughout the tournament, with BIGSA implementing stringent measures to ensure the well-being of all participants and spectators. Despite efforts to conclude the match yesterday by extending play time, concerns for safety led to a halt at 7:30 PM, setting the stage for today’s decisive showdown.

“This tournament has been exceptional in many ways,” remarked Tshering Choki, an official from BIGSA. “We have seen outstanding performances and a high level of sportsmanship from all teams involved.”

Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa, having secured their place in the final by overcoming tough competition earlier in the tournament, aims to turn the tide in their favor after a setback in the initial sets against Tshering Dang Jigs. The stakes are high not only for the glory of victory but also for substantial prizes: Nu 180,000 and a coveted trophy await the champions, while the runners-up will receive Nu 150,000 along with their accolades.

This edition of the National Archery Tournament marks a significant milestone with the inclusion of a women’s team for the first time, underlining the growing inclusivity and diversity in Bhutanese sports.

As the tournament draws to a close, all eyes are on the archery range at Changlimithang, where history is being made in every arrow shot. Stay tuned as the final moments unfold, promising a conclusion worthy of this prestigious event.

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