4G boosts connectivity at Arden village in Pema Gatshel but old phones left behind

The introduction of 4G internet connectivity in Arden village of Pema Gatshel has brought about faster network speeds, allowing people to enjoy reliable data speeds and improved voice call quality. But this advancement has posed challenges for those using old phones that do not support 4G.

Irregular mobile phone reception is a thing of the past in Arden Chiwog. Thanks to the 4G connection, people can now enjoy seamless connectivity for various activities such as keeping in touch with family members and listening to Buddhist teachings through social media applications.

“In the past, we had to personally convey messages to people due to the lack of a proper mobile network. But now we have created a group chat in social media apps where we can easily share information and announcements with the members. It has been a great help,” said Sangay Dorji, Arden Tshogpa.

“My sister and other relatives live far away, and with video chat, we can show them our home and village. We can also see how they are doing there. The 4G network has allowed us to experience things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It feels like we are all living together,” said Pema Tshomo, a resident of Khalatsho.

“Thanks to 4G, we can make video calls and see each other as if we’re together in person. It has made our lives convenient,” said Sonam Wangmo, another resident.

But while those with smartphones are able to enjoy the benefits of enhanced connectivity, villagers with old mobile phones are missing out. They are facing difficulties in making calls due to connection issues.

“For people like us who own a black and white mobile phone, the network reception is not good. We encounter problems when making calls,” said Jigtang, a resident of Khalatsho.

“Since we no longer have 2G networks here, elderly people using basic phones are facing difficulties making calls and are helpless as they are unfamiliar with smartphones,” added Sangay Dorji, Arden Tshogpa.

Meanwhile, the Regional Director of the Bhutan Telecom Regional Office in Samdrup Jongkhar said that they no longer procure 2G network equipment since the technology has been upgraded to 4G. He says people need to use smartphones that support the 4G network.

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