Election common forums valuable for villages without television – Pema Gatshel

As the poll day for the National Council election draws closer, some rural communities continue to grapple with limited access to television and mobile Internet for information. However, despite these challenges, common forums have emerged as an effective means to educate villagers and enable them to make informed choices. Our correspondent, Thinley Dorji, found out a first-hand account of the impact these forums are having in Pema Gatshel.

In the rural communities of Nyaskhar, Chiphoong, Woongborang, and Arden in Pema Gatshel, where access to television and the internet is limited, the common forums have proven to be an effective way to help villagers make informed choices.

Despite missing the live broadcast of the debates on BBS, the common forum in their respective chiwogs provides a platform for the people to learn about the three candidates vying for a seat in the National Council from Pema Gatshel.

“We do not have a television at home since our village is remote,” says Ugyen Dorji from Dungmin Gewog’s Woongborang Chiwog.

“We do not even have a shop here to buy data to recharge the phone,” added Ugyen.

Ugyen says that meeting the candidates in person is always beneficial. Villagers say the common forums help prevent misinformation and rumors.

Sangay Dorji, a resident of Nyaskhar in Chhimoong Gewog, is delighted that with the common forum, villagers do not have to make time again and again to meet individual candidates.

“When they come together and speak one by one in front of the public, we can know which candidate is better and capable,” says Sangay Dorji from Chhoekhorling Gewog’s Arden Chiwog.

With the poll day just nine days away, the common forums are serving as a vital link between the candidates and rural communities.

They are helping to bridge the digital divide and ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their location or access to technology, has a say in the electoral process.

The common forums in the 11 gewogs of Pema Gatshel will conclude tomorrow.

Thinley Dorji, Pema Gatshel

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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