National Tech Hackathon 2024 sees solutions to promote usage of NDI for businesses

The National Tech Hackathon 2024, which ended yesterday, saw different ideas to promote the usage of the Bhutan NDI platform for businesses. The winning ideas include using electronic forms in offices, simplifying the usage of the NDI app for businesses, and ride booking app like Uber and Grab. The three-day hackathon was held at the Thimphu TechPark.

Six teams were chosen to participate in the three-day hackathon. They developed prototypes to get feedback during its trial.

On the final day of the hackathon, the teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges.

Team RUBNUS with their idea called the ‘Solution FormBT’, an electronic form builder, stood first in the hackathon.

The team said it would help in addressing logistical challenges of paper forms in offices.

Team Khaten came in second with their idea to develop a graphical user interface to help simplify the use of the Bhutan NDI app for businesses lacking technical expertise or financial resources.

And DigiOps came in third with their idea of developing an app called Lakhor like Uber or Grab for Bhutan.

The organisers said that the winners will get an opportunity to take their ideas further.

“The Government Technology Agency will be assisting the teams in collaboration with other government agencies in materialising their ideas into commercial business. Apart from that, co-working spaces will be provided at the Bhutan Innovation and Technology Centre. Also, the teams will be provided with technical training slots in technical areas,” said Tshokey Lhamo, Assistant Information and Technology Officer of GovTech Agency.

Throughout the event, the teams collaborated with professional mentors, helping participants take their projects towards practical applications on the NDI platform.

“I believe that the hackathon has brought teams from diverse backgrounds together in developing solutions integrated with NDI to address real-world challenges. This will enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities,” said Nima, a participant.

“Through this hackathon, we hope to secure funding and support for our ideas. After validation, we will further refine the idea and hopefully put it in the market,” said Jampel Namdag Dorji, one of the participants.

“One of the prizes from this particular event is the opportunity to participate in international hackathon, and that will open up their ideas to a wider audience. Apart from that, they will also get to hone their skills and see what other ideas are being presented and collaborate with other people. It could also serve as a place where they can market their ideas,” said Kinley Tshering, a mentor.

The three winning teams will get an opportunity to participate in upcoming tech conferences and the international hackathon that the GovTech Agency is planning to organise.

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