Naykap Gokab to promote local innovative ideas and solutions

Naykap Gokab, a new online platform has been launched yesterday to promote local innovative ideas and solutions. It connects innovators, policymakers, and investors to create opportunities for collaboration and investment. Developed by a group of young software engineers in collaboration with the UNDP, DHI, and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, the web application aims to foster the innovation ecosystem in Bhutan.

A group of four youths developed the website. Tandin Tshewang, Jigme Lodey, Kuenzang Choden and Thinley Dhendup who are all in their twenties are the brains behind Naykab Gokab.

The platform, so far, has already garnered a lot of interest from people, with more than 80 registrations. The web application was commended by the guest speakers for its unique approach to connecting local innovators with investors, giving them an opportunity to showcase their work and seek funding for their projects.

“Earlier, even if people had innovative ideas, they didn’t know where to share their ideas. With a web application like this, people can just sign up and share their ideas. That way, anybody can see their ideas and they will have access to people who are willing to guide them. This will also help them find potential investors,” said Tandin Tshewang, founder of Naykap Gokab.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to both innovators and investors. However, the developers said that they are not stopping there. They plan to come up with a mobile app for the website in the future to improve accessibility.

“Our focus as of now is to make the website as stable as possible so that people don’t face any issues while using it. But as we move forward, we have plans to come up with a mobile application for the website, which will make the platform more accessible,” said Tandin Tshewang.

The Industry Commerce and Employment minister said that the platform is expected to create an environment of collaboration and investment that will benefit both innovators and investors. This in turn is expected to drive innovation and economic growth in Bhutan.

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