Remarkable presence of Bhutan in South Asia’s Travel and Tourism Exchange

The tourism council recently participated in South Asia’s Travel and Tourism Exchange (SATTE) in India, to promote Bhutan Tourism and increase awareness about the country’s renewed focus on sustainable tourism. SATTE is Asia’s leading tourism exhibition where domestic and international buyers and professionals from across the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry find a comprehensive platform to display their services.

Bhutan is known for its enigmatic aura of mystery, mysticism, and spiritualism. Our small beautiful Buddhist kingdom is surrounded by the Himalayas and has been attracting tourists with its mountains and monasteries, rich biodiversity, pristine forests, rivers, glacial lakes, waterfalls etc. Most importantly, the tourists love the country for the warm welcome that our people extend to them.  The fact that Bhutan has GNH (Gross National Happiness) shows that it is governed by happiness before anything else. It is one of the very few carbon-negative countries in the world. In 2021, Bhutan sequestered 9.4 million tonnes of carbon against its emission capacity of 3.8 million tonnes.

SATTE, a leading platform for the industry is well-supported by the Ministry of Tourism, The Government of India, and National and International Tourism Boards. Bhutan Tourism here got a  chance to showcase new itineraries and create awareness around its new national brand identity, ‘Believe‘, a campaign that inspires its citizens to have new visions for the future. ‘Believe ‘ reflects Bhutan’s character and landscapes, history and ambition which are bold, vivid and carry many distinct stories within.    

Carissa Nimah, Chief Marketing Officer, Department of Tourism, Bhutan says ‘ Bhutan is already an incredibly alluring destination, yet it has so many layers to be revealed and shared, removed from the humdrum and hectic, Bhutan is proof that happiness, connection, respite and revelation are our birthright. Restoring one’s sense of belief is the kingdom’s real gift to its visitor. The nation itself believes in a better future, led by the wisdom from its past – a belief it manifests daily. Bhutan is honoured to be part of SATTE 2023, and we look forward to reconnecting with our travellers and partners.

As Bhutan is an all-year-round tourist destination, every season here has something to offer. From hiking through the pristine nature, sightseeing tours, helicopter tours, adventure, fresh harvests, stunning textiles, festivals and hot stone baths. 

In the event, Bhutan Airlines promised a 15 per cent discount to the customers when booked immediately. The department of Tourism was accompanied by 14 exhibitors from Bhutan, which included five hotels and nine travel operators.

Bhutan tourism is responsible for developing and promoting sustainable tourism in Bhutan committed to sharing the kingdom’s remarkable places, people, and experiences with conscious travellers guided by the principle of high-value, low-volume tourism.

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