Bhutan Cancer Society concludes cancer survivor month with hike

To celebrate Cancer Survivor Month, the Bhutan Cancer Society organised a hike from Sangaygang to Wangditse yesterday, marking the conclusion of the observance of June as Cancer Survivor Month. Over 100 volunteers including cancer survivors and their families participated in the hike.

Twenty-three-year-old Yeewong Lhamo from Samdrup Jongkhar is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2014.

Despite the life-changing diagnosis, Yeewong did not lose hope and underwent all treatments with the support of her family. After enduring much hardship, she won her battle against cancer in 2020.

“To all cancer survivors, those currently fighting cancer and their families: There is life after cancer. After surviving cancer, we can live a normal life. Though the journey through treatment may bring worry, like the sunshine after a solar eclipse, there will be brightness in our lives.”

Yeewong works as a physiotherapy technician at the National Referral Hospital.

Tsheltrim Zangmo, a survivor of breast cancer, was another participant in the hiking event. Tsheltrim shared her story and emphasised the importance of undergoing cancer screening.

“I discovered a lump on my breast. It felt strange, so I avoided seeing a doctor out of shame. I regret the delay. I want to tell all women not to feel ashamed if something abnormal happens to their bodies. Instead, go for cancer screening promptly if there are symptoms.”

The Bhutan Cancer Society has been organising programmes to raise funds and create awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.

“The hike was organised, firstly, to raise awareness and support and encourage those fighting against cancer and their families. Secondly, to seek community support, and thirdly, to promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer,” said Karma Tobgay, Executive Director, Bhutan Cancer Society.

The executive director added that the Civil Society Organisations Authority has given them approval to collect funds until the end of July. With these funds, the society plans to enhance its services.

Phub Dorji

Edited by Sherub Dorji

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