Education ministry reschedules school admission for 2023

After the Education Management Information system (EMIS) battled with technical issues delaying the declaration of results for many schools, the education ministry deferred the admission deadline.

The ministry on December 22 notified all schools to align the placement and admission of students with the changes made by the ministry.

As per the EMIS portal, the admission and transfer processes for classes I to IX were supposed to start on December 20 after the schools are done with the result compilation. However, the ministry stated that EMIS portal is facing issues with the system performance due to the academic module.

“This has caused an impact on all the other modules including the admission module.” There are 11 modules in EMIS.

According to the notification, placement for classes VII and IX will be done “depending on the catchment of the feeder schools of the dzongkhags or thromdes”

For class VII, placement will commence on December 23 and ends on 31. This will be done offline by the respective schools. Similarly, placement for class IX will be done offline from February 1 and will end on 10.

As per the ministry, the changes are made to facilitate the admission and transfer on the expected time and avoid inconveniences out of the system which may hamper delivering the service on time.

Meanwhile, many parents welcomed the changes. They said that the services could be better and the system more convenient.

A parent, Tempa Dorji, who recently faced hardship in viewing his son’s result, said that the ministry’s move is timely as it avoids the parents’ confusion.

“Teachers and the school were also helpless when we called about the results,” he said.

“Switching to offline service will be helpful when the system is crowded and cannot hold all the users,” said another parent.

Some also believe that it may increase the work burden on the schools as it involves handling many documents.

Except for class XI, parents and students wishing to change schools may start to submit the admission application from January 1 to 31 and schools will work on the admission of the candidates in the next five days from February 1 to 5, 2023.

Likewise, the schools will finalise and admit the students starting from February 13 to 15. The entire process will be carried out online either by parents or partially online by schools.

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