Tongmajangsa GC road blacktopping misses third deadline

The people of Tongmajangsa Gewog are still waiting for their Gewog Centre road to be blacktopped. The blacktopping work on the 14.8-kilometre stretch has missed three deadlines leaving the people frustrated. The GC road upgradation work that started in early 2021 was supposed to complete by the end of the same year.

As of today, widening work including the laying of the road’s foundation with crushed stone and gravel called the granular sub-base and the construction of drains have been completed on the stretch.

But with the blacktopping work taking unusually long, it has left commuters and motorists frustrated.

“It has become a dusty area now. Even if we grow vegetables, it does not grow well and we have to wash our clothes several times. We would be grateful if the road is blacktopped. It’s been ages since we heard about the blacktopping. We heard the project was going to resume the blacktopping but it hasn’t,” said Chimi, a resident of Bagpa village.

“The rest of the eight gewogs have been blacktopped except for Tongmajangsa Gewog. We were told that the project will blacktop it but we have noticed that the GSB hasn’t been laid properly. We don’t know whether the project is still on. We will be benefited if the road is blacktopped,” said Ngidup Dorji, another resident.

“Due to the bad road condition, people have been facing difficulties. For instance, if they have to hire a vehicle, they have to pay around Nu 350 which otherwise would cost Nu 100 before,” said Ugyen Dorji, Tongmajangsa Gup.

According to the contractor executing the road upgradation project, the works got delayed due to the pandemic and late payment by the district administration.

As a result, the contractor had submitted a contract termination to the district administration. However, according to the district administration, since 70 per cent of the fund has been released, the contract cannot be terminated and the contractor will have to continue the remaining work.

The GC road upgradation work worth around Nu 105 M is funded by the Kholongchhu Hydropower Project.

Meanwhile, the district is following up with the project on clearing the remaining fund to complete the blacktopping.

Once complete, the road will benefit nearly 400 households in the gewog. The GC road was constructed in 2001 and completed in 2003.

Sonam Darjay, Trashi Yangtse

Edited by Sonam Pem

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