Tshering Dang Jigs Triumphs in Thrilling Archery Championship

In a display of skill and perseverance, Tshering Dang Jigs emerged victorious in the 2024 Silver Jubilee National Archery Tournament, defeating Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa in a gripping final that spanned two and a half intense days at Thimphu’s renowned Changlimithang archery range.

The tournament culminated yesterday with Tshering Dang Jigs sealing their triumph in a decisive set, clinching victory with a score of 25-17. This marked the culmination of a tightly contested battle that saw both teams showcasing a blend of seasoned experience and youthful vigor in their first-ever participation in this prestigious event.

From the outset, the final promised excitement, with Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa asserting early dominance by claiming the first set 25-6 on June 22. However, Tshering Dang Jigs swiftly retaliated on the following day, securing the second set with a commanding 25-4 lead by June 23.

As the competition intensified, Tshering Dang Jigs maintained their momentum, steadily building a significant lead to stand at 18-11 points by the end of the second day. Their captain, Karma, expressed satisfaction with his team’s performance, highlighting the blend of new talent and established players that proved crucial in securing the championship.

“We faced a worthy opponent in Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa,” Karma remarked. “Despite their strong showing, I am proud that our team prevailed, especially considering the number of new players we introduced.”

In contrast, Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa’s captain, Karma Tshering, acknowledged his team’s efforts, emphasizing their impressive display with 35 team kareys over the four rounds. “While we didn’t clinch the title, I am proud of how we competed,” Karma Tshering noted. “Playing in Thimphu was a great experience for us, and we look forward to returning stronger.”

The final itself was a rarity, characterized by its duration and the level of competition sustained over multiple days at the Changlimithang archery range. Both teams garnered praise for their sportsmanship and determination, underscoring the growing competitiveness within Bhutan’s archery community.

For their victory, Tshering Dang Jigs received Nu 180,000 along with a prestigious trophy, while Pel Druba Lamai Dhensa, the runners-up, were awarded Nu 150,000 alongside their own commendable trophy. The rewards not only recognize their skill but also serve as motivation for future competitions, as both teams expressed their commitment to continuing their participation and striving for excellence in Bhutanese archery.

As the sun set on this memorable tournament, it was clear that Tshering Dang Jigs’ triumph was not just a victory in points but a testament to dedication, teamwork, and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship that defines Bhutan’s national sport.

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