Six-Month-Old Bhutanese Baby Saved by Liver Transplant in Chennai, India

A six-month-old baby girl from Bhutan, who weighed 7.5 kilograms, has successfully undergone a liver transplant at Gleneagles Health City in Chennai, India. The infant, suffering from worsening jaundice since birth, was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a condition requiring urgent medical intervention. Her mother, in an extraordinary act of love, donated a portion of her liver to save her daughter’s life.

Initially treated in Kolkata, the baby’s condition had progressively worsened, leading to severe bloating and irritability. In critical condition, she was brought to Gleneagles Health City in Chennai. The medical team, led by Dr. Joy Vargheese, Director of Hepatology & Transplant, quickly diagnosed the severity of her condition and recommended an immediate liver transplant.

“The mother voluntarily came forward to donate a part of her liver to save her daughter’s life. Funds for the surgery were arranged through crowdfunding. Overnight, Baby and her mother became a sensation in Bhutan, and the parents raised more than the required amount for the surgery,” Dr. Vargheese explained.

The surgery, which took place on International Women’s Day, was a testament to medical expertise and maternal love. The eight-hour-long procedure was successfully performed by a team of experienced doctors, including Dr. Mettu Srinivas Reddy, Dr. Rajanikanth P, and Dr. Selvakumar Malleeswaran. Both mother and baby were discharged in good health following the surgery.

Dr. Somashekara HR, Consultant Pediatric Hepatologist at Gleneagles Health City, elaborated on the condition, stating, “Biliary Atresia occurs in approximately 1 in 20,000 live births. It blocks the bile ducts inside and outside the liver, leading to bile accumulation, liver damage, and eventual liver failure. The main symptoms are jaundice and pale stools starting within the first 4-8 weeks after birth.”

The parents, overwhelmed with gratitude, decided to pay forward the generosity they received. They donated the surplus funds raised through crowdfunding to other patients in Bhutan needing similar treatments.

Dr. Nagesh K Rao, CEO of Gleneagles Health City Chennai, commented, “At Gleneagles Health City Hospital, we strive to perform complex surgeries and save lives. The successful surgery of this six-month-old baby and her mother’s recovery validates our commitment and the expertise of our doctors.”

This heartwarming story of medical triumph and maternal sacrifice highlights the critical importance of organ donation and the life-changing impact of advanced medical care.

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